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Last week I got to shoot a stunning new home built by Renaissance South here in Charleston. One of the rooms my client asked me to capture was the powder room. Small spaces are always a challenge in Interior Photography. Tightness of space, lighting and mirrors are the main issues to be addressed to capture the space appropriately. Here is where experience and the right equipment come into play. The focal length has to be chosen carefully to avoid distortion in the image. Everything has to look “naturally” and in proportion. My camera of choice for this powder room was my trusted Linhof Master Technika with the Schneider Super Angulon 75mm/f5.6. I opted for natural light with a subtle fill in the lower part of the image and in the stairwell in the background. I used my Broncolor Lighting, because it lets me adjust the light temperature to guarantee consistent colors in the image. I captured the photograph with my Phase One P40+ digital back tethered to a MacBook Pro.

In this photograph everything fell into place. I love how the graphical pattern of the wallpaper compliments the formal elements of door, sink and mirror. The highlight is, however, that I was able to break the vertical lines by capturing the stairs in the background.

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