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My photographic year is divided into seasons. No, not what you may think: Turkey, Duck, Deer and Dove Season. My year is divided by seasonal shoots like Golf, Hotels and Catalog. Catalog typically happens very early in the year. I love the challenges that come with a Product Photography Shoot; they help me keep my cutting-edge. Clients expect magical images. They need their new catalogs to be finished on time. Product samples always come in late and turn-around is usually rushed. Great catalog images have to be inspiring, tempting and simply magical. The consumers hardly ever see the product “live” until they receive the shipment. Imagery functions in several ways. It showcases the product, explains the use and tempts the customer to buy it. Lighting, composition and staging are key to create the magic.

HOP-Jaxco-Charleston-Wrap-CatalogOne of my favorite clients are Jaxco Industries and their division “Charleston Wrap“. Charleston Wrap offers the highest quality in fundraising products. They sport a very creative line of wrapping papers and a line of kitchen and household items.


Catalog shoots demand a wide array of light shapers, color-consistent power packs, different camera formats and different focal lengths. I rely exclusively on Broncolor Lighting. Broncolor offers the most diverse and creative line of light shapers in the industry. Scoro Power Packs are famous for their reliability, and the quality of light produced by the Broncolor Para is legendary. The right tools make it possible to work fast and receive predictable results. I love Broncolor, because I can concentrate on my creativity.