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Image ©2015 Holger Obenaus Photography All rights reserved.

Last week I was shooting a product photography vignette the Spring 2015 ad photo for Encore Interiors, a wonderful consignment store in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Over the course of the last year, we have come up with a concept of how to visually market the store and set it apart from the competition. Typical vignettes are rather minimal to have the reader focus on a couple of hand-selected pieces. In this case, we opted to go for a more elaborate look, especially since the ad spans over two full pages. We decided to go with a recurring angle of the store with a changing theme to create a consistent signature look that stays fresh and interesting. Yes – and there is Annie, the dog. The client loved the idea and made Annie a focal point of their ads.

Since this image will be used in an ad layout, I had to account for potential copy and logo space. The actual photograph displays some extra space in the foreground and on top. Linhof Master Technika with Schneider Super Angulon 90/f5.6

I am very excited about how the Spring 2015 product photography vignette turned out.