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Golf Photography.


Nobody shoots golf like Holger. Sweeping landscapes. Breathtaking sunrises. Dramatic Sunsets. If it is filled tee times you desire, then tempt golfers’ hearts where it counts. Display your most challenging holes and most beautiful fairways from their most advantageous perspectives. Holger makes people feel as if they are standing on the green. And naturally… if people can envision something, they aim to achieve it.


Sometimes, a glimpse is not enough. Large Format cameras and exquisite lenses can capture what only the eye can see. Click on the image to the left and experience the difference. Allow perspective golfers to scan the horizon and see all that they may see from the confines of their wintry homes. Inspire daydreams of spring and entice the next round of golfers to your tees.


Anticipation. It’s not all about the game. It is about reliving the experience and camaraderie of the greens again over cocktails and a meal. A clubhouse is not just a place to park your golf cart. It is an invitation to relive the day’s escapades. We create clubhouse imagery that lets future guests envision themselves in intimate conversation and quiet luxury.


Join Holger in this video on his golf cart as he shoots stunning sunrise golf photography at Bull’s Bay and The Links at Stono Ferry. Experience the difference an 80 Megapixel Phase One Digital Back makes.

Many of Holger’s golf course images generate impressive wall size (6x4 feet) photographs. Size does not only print big, it generates unbelievably sharp and crisp pictures. You can literally find lost golf balls 200 yards from the camera.  Clients have the choice to use a full panoramic view of a hole or a tight crop of the same green. Very few photographers can offer output of this caliber.

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