Phase One Digital Backs



Phase One.

Holger’s workhorse. Phase One Digital Backs are the lifeblood to his unique approach of combining the beauty of traditional Large Format Film Photography with the versatility and convenience of state-of-the-art Digital Technology.

Broncolor Lighting Systems




Superior equipment guarantees extraordinary results. Holger is a master of light, and Broncolor delivers the most predictable and unique tools to shape light and create the most sophisticated and inspired atmospheres.

Linhof Large Format Cameras

Large Format


Large Format cameras produce large results. Holger can deliver wall-size photographs without compromising on image quality, a feat few can imitate. He entrusts his large format imagery to Linhof whose precision engineering is key to delivering a product that exceeds all client expectations.

Phase One Medium Format Camera

Medium Format


Phase One.

Holger’s Phase One Medium Format camera system gives him more versatility than any other standard digital camera platform. With the choice of 80 different lenses, he can craft very custom Hi-Impact Photography for his clients.




For the most discerning clients who require the classic, “Leica Look.” By focussing on the essential, Holger has a tool that compliments his passion for perfection and unquenchable thirst for creating unique images.



Aero Liberator.

Making the impossible, possible. Holger tips his hat to Stanley Kubrick’s inspired approach by combining the classic vintage lenses of yesteryear with today’s digital technology. The results speak their own language… bewildering beauty, inimitable look and timeless aesthetics.


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