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Editorial Photography.

Charleston Style & Design.

Holger Obenaus is the lead photographer for nationally published Charleston Style & Design Magazine. Throughout the last four years he has produced over 15 covers, more than 40 10-page home-feature stories, numerous cuisine scene featurettes and over a hundred department articles.

HCP Aboard Books.

From 2008 to 2010, Holger Obenaus was the lead photographer for HCP Aboard, a McClatchy publication. During this time he completed a total of 6 books for Discover Charleston and Sea Island Concierge.


Our 10-page home feature stories speak for themselves. Large format. Full Bleed. Impressive Interiors. Extravagant Exteriors.

Behind the Scenes.

Have an intimate look into a 2-day on-location and in-studio production for an editorial fashion feature. Look over Holger’s shoulder as he employs a unique combination of his large format Linhof camera with a rare WWII Kodak Aero Ektar Reconnaissance Lens. The magnificent Broncolor Para 170 creates the magical light on August Bradham (Wilhelmina Models).

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