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Architectural Photography.

“I sell architecture better and more directly and more vividly than the architect does.” – Julius Shulman

Interior Architecture.

“Light helps us understand architecture. It is the factor that incorporates time into a three-dimensional space!”Holger Obenaus

The Beauty of Natural Light brings your Interiors to life. Understated. Elegant. Timeless. Holger is a master in balancing light. True to color. He captures the seamless flow from Indoor to Outdoor, open floor plan, large living spaces. Although extremely skilled in post-production, Holger strongly believes in “Getting it right in the camera.” Clients are able to review composition, staging and lighting on location in close to finished images .

The result are beautiful Interior Photographs – crisp, lucent. Harmony of lines and angles, true to scale and proportions.


“Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Shooting Vignettes is an art unto itself. A great Vignette tells the whole story by reducing the elements of a room to their essence.

Color. Shape. Material. Texture. Less is more. Holger’s photography is tactile, stylish, sensual, reduced.

Dusk Shots.

“The camera is the least important element in photography.” – Julius Shulman

Beauty is a rare thing. Magic moments. Bold, emotional, sublime. Essentially minimalistic. Composition by nature, painted by the elements.

Holger specializes in one-of-a-kind architectural beauty shots. A signature dusk shot takes hours of preparation to capture the perfect moment in a matter of minutes.


We understand that capturing the essence of living spaces in the hospitality industry includes not only the interior design, but also the lighting concept. Shooting mixed light sources and delivering continuity in colors is one of the most challenging photographic disciplines.

The result: Masterfully captured, inviting leisure spaces orchestrated in bold colors, rich materials and opulent designs.


Be Seen. A picture speaks a thousand words. Shooting commercial spaces requires the refined skill of combining beauty with utility. Form follows function. We understand how to portray your business from its best angle.

Spaces made to sell. Creative. Inspired. Useful.

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